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HSBC Golf Roots is the Golf Foundation's national programme to enhance the lives of young people through playing golf. 

The programme has 3 key levels: START, LEARN and PLAY. The START level is all about fun and an elementary introduction to golf.

The LEARN level is a move towards technical instruction through games based learning, always with the emphasis on fun.

The PLAY level teaches the child to apply their learning to the golf course, preparing them for potential club membership and competition. However, access to the golf course and playing golf on a course are important features of the Junior Golf Passport

from the START in order to develop a real connection to golf.

*Please note that 'Adie's Junior Golf Academy' also caters for children outside of the age group of 6-12 years.

**Please kindly see 'CONTACT' for more information on Colmworth Golf Club.

NB. Adrienne is DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) Enhanced Certified, Sports Coach UK Certified for Safeguarding & Protecting Children, and Emergency First-Aid Certified.

Within that, the Junior Golf Passport is the national structured learning programme for children aged 6-12 years*, endorsed by the PGA.

The multi-layered programme progresses a complete novice golfer into a junior golfer ready for membership at a golf club!

'Adie's Junior Golf Academy'!

Adrienne (AKA 'Adie'!) runs her Junior Golf Academy at

Colmworth Golf Club** in Bedfordshire and delivers the

Junior Golf Passport programme through regular group

coaching sessions starting from only £6​ per pupil, per session!