Adrienne is a fully qualified and highly experienced PGA Inclusive Golf Coach,

and in addition she is also the Equality & Diversity Officer for both the

Bedfordshire & Cambridgeshire County Golf Development Groups

and is subsequently responsible for implementing and delivering

a variety of PGA Inclusive Golf Coaching sessions across both counties.

NB. Adrienne is working with British Blind Sport to help make "a visible difference through sport"

Golf is a game that can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age, ability or background,

and subsequently in order to ensure fair opportunity and best practice, Adrienne strives to cater for the needs of various disabled and non-disabled organisations and associations, and schools and colleges.

PGA Inclusive Golf Services

Golf Xtreme is the golf game and programme

for secondary schools that is related to the golf

you see on TV, but is actually a completely

new game for young teenagers.

Tri-Golf is a 'mini' version of golf

designed specifically for young children at infant, primary and

junior schools.

​PGA Advanced Professional

StreetGolf is a fun and engaging golfing

activity designed by StreetGames

and The Golf Foundation,

with the help of young people.